You are invited to attend our the upcoming 2021 Virtual NNESAM Annual Meeting, which will take place Saturday, December 4, 2021 starting at 9 am. We will start with our Annual Business Meeting and then transition to an hour-long session led by Gary Miller, entitled, “Writing for Recovery: The Healing Power of Seven Short Minutes,” We will then feature several interactive sessions focused on sharing how NNESAM members became addiction medicine specialists, NNESAM advocacy topics or participate in a writing session with the Writing for Recovery tools. There is no cost to attend this meeting; you can sign up for the whole program or choose to attend just one session of the agenda. (Please see the draft agenda below). This meeting is going to be fun! We will provide you a chance to make new connections and learn something meaningful! Note: Our CME-qualified sessons have moved to our Spring Conference.

Save the Date and look for the registration coming soon!

NNESAM 2021 Virtual Conference December 4th, 2021

(draft agenda)

9am -10 am – NNESAM 2021 Annual Business Meeting

10am-11am – Writing for Recovery: The Healing Power of Seven Short Minutes, with Gary Miller

11am-12pm – Interactive Breakout Sessions: Details to be confirmed ASAP