Looking back -NNESAM has offered 12 Annual Scientific Conferences, including during Covid

NNESAM is a small young organization. Due to the generosity of speakers, panel members, people in recovery, community members, financial donors and NNESAM member volunteers, we continue to be able to offer these meetings. We strive for content pertinent to our region. We strive to utilize regional expertise. We strive to provide content that improves the care of the people of our region who struggle with substance use disorders and to include voices of people in recovery. Thanks to all who help make this possible year after year.

Thanks to our 2022 speakers:

Neal Neuberger, Zoe Brokos, Ron Springel, Kevin Irwin and Denise O’Connell, and NNESAM members Mark Publicker, Jim Berry, David Kispert, Molly Rossignol, Paul Vinsel, Matt LeVasseur and Celeste Hutton.

And thanks to our 2022 financial supporters:

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