Mission, Purposes and Goals

The Mission of the Society is to provide a medium for physicians and medical trainees with special
interests in addiction medicine to meet and address issues of mutual interest.

The Purposes of the Society are:

  • To enable networking with colleagues in addiction medicine
  • To provide a closer liaison between members and the national activities of ASAM
  • To be a liaison to other physicians and professional societies regarding addiction medicine issues
  • To increase public awareness about the existence and vitality of the addiction medicine specialty
  • To increase public awareness about problems related to addiction
  • To promote professionalism in the delivery of services to patients with problems which result from addiction
  • To be a resource for state and national initiative that affect addition medicine services and patients with addiction

The Goals of the Society are to provide:

  • A forum for sharing of ideas between addiction specialists, especially regarding clinical management strategies
  • A vehicle for increased professionalism and higher quality information, prevention, training and treatment regarding addiction problems
  • An enhancement of knowledge and attitudes among citizens and institutions about he primary nature of the disease of addiction
  • A channel for state input into national standards of care in addiction medicine; and
  • A channel for input into state policy and reform initiatives