Welcome New Board Members!

Good evening! What a great turn out for a terrific Annual Meeting and Scientific CME Program at the Sheraton Sable Oaks in Portland, Maine ~ and for those online. I found it refreshing and enjoyable seeing folks in person for the first time since I became president in 2021. And just like that, 2 years is done. Here is the line up for our 2023-2025 Board of Directors:

President: Fred Lord, MD (VT)
President Elect: Michael Eng, MD (ME)
Secretary: Graciela Sironich-Kalkan, MD (NH)
Treasurer: Mark Lim, MD (ME)
MAL 3 y: Saeed Ahmed, MD (VT)
MAL 2 y: Alisa Cleary, DO (ME)
MAL 2 y: Rick Marasa, MD (VT)

Please be in touch with us at NNESAM. You can get a message to us through Holly Robertson, our new Administrator at manager@nnesam.com.

It has been a great honor to have served the Northern New England chapter of ASAM.

Keep up the good and important work.

Molly Rossignol, DO FASAM

Front: Alisa Cleary, DO, Molly Rossignol, DO Mark Lim, MD, Michael Eng, MD; Back: Fred Lord, MD, Graciela Sironich-Kalkan, MD

Over and Out…