April 2022

I am confident that the buds on trees, the crocuses and daffodils and the (slightly) warmer mornings that have introduced 50-60 degree days have had some influence on all of our moods and given us hope for spring! My mood was lifted when I was able to commune with hundreds of other ASAM members who made their way to Hollywood, Florida for the Annual Conference at the beginning of April. Being around others of like mind, experience and goals was renewing. The connection is so important. Our own, Audrey Kern MD, is our region III representative to ASAM. She led a meeting of the New England states during the ASAM conference. It was great to see many docs, NPs, PAs, RNs, etc. from all 6 states. The discussion mainly centered around what we see and what we would like to see in the care of our patients. We have an opportunity to make our needs known through Dr. Kern so please reach out to me if you have ideas that can then be forwarded to Dr. Kern. One such idea was how to reach out to our membership more easily. ASAM has us covered on this and I am hopeful that we can be more visible on social media ~ we do have a Facebook page, and hope to be present on Twitter and maybe IG!

Our Annual Meeting and Scientific Conference is virtual again, this year. During our planning we just didn’t have the confidence that Covid would give us any opportunities. I hope this is the last year we are forced to connect only by screens. That said, there is a great line up of speakers, topics and information coming your way on Saturday, May 7. Please register through our website here: .

I am excited to meet more folks who are interested in Addiction Medicine, who want to make a difference on a local, regional, national even international platform! Please get in touch with me at: or any of the Board officers or members to learn more and join us on our monthly meetings.

Thanks for your care of people with substance use disorders and your commitment to continuing to spread the word about our field which is as exciting as it is rewarding.

See you soon!

Molly Rossignol, DO FAAFP FASAM